Baby Food : Potato Carrot And Chicken Puree


The importance of homemade baby food like this cannot be overemphasized and Jesse has clocked six months old and its time proper for weaning. In as much as he takes cereals, I always make sure I prepare homemade food for him, not just because it’s nutritious but because they are too.
To be honest, when I first gave him this puree, he didn’t collect pass five spoons, but I didn’t rule it completely off for him. I tried the left over I stored in the freezer the next day when I was sure he was hungry, it was better than the first day, he ate above five spoons and was more willing. The next batch I prepared for him I included crayfish and it has become one of the foods he eats well.
So, when your baby rejects any of homemade foods you prepare don’t rule it off completely, do some substitution or inclusion.
If your baby is 10months and below, you will need a power blender to puree the food but from 10 months upwards, you will need only to mash them.
1) 4 Irish potatoes
2) 3 medium sized carrots
3) 1 large chicken breast
4 ) 1/4 cup crayfish.
1) Add all the ingredients to a pot
2) Pour water to cover the ingredients and stir everything together.
3) Cook till the chicken is very soft.
4) Transfer into a blender and puree or mash if your baby is older.

When you prepare this, don’t forget to write your feed back. โ€ฆ

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