Costly Mistake That Entrepreneurs Make

Many entrepreneurs have failed because of this grave mistake they keep on doing. Entrepreneurship needs patient, consistence among others. Those you look at what they have achieved have had their own dark moments, but they never gave up and that’s why you are seeing their successes. You can’t keep jumping from one business to the other and expect miracles to happen, people need to know you for one particular type of business you can diversify around your niche. Mostly for people who have their business online, selling human hair today, charger tomorrow and smoothies the next day on the same page does not show that you are serious for a business but if you can do multiple things at the same time, open different pages  for each business.

I used to used this woman while we were growing up,  she was known as mama garri. One  thing made her stand out among others, her consistency. She sold garri all through the season even when garri was scarce or costly, over the year, she was known by people far and near as a major dealer in garri in town you can’t come to her shop and not sure of getting garri .People came from far and near to patronize her,and she gradually grew even though she later added some grains and legumes, she already made her name as who’s consistent.

Patience and consistence is a must have for every entrepreneur be you an already existing business owner or about to start up your business you should be patient and consistent.

Even if your expectations or the business is not going to your direction you should not give up nor quit too soon. How can you do eight different kind of business in a year and don’t know where the problem is from. Every business have it’s own tornado and after comes Calmness. Jumping from one business to the other is not where the solution is, rather incorporate  the new business to the existing one and they should be similar.

Note that new businesses doesn’t automatically cash out. It is like a new baby and thus it requires patience, attention and consistency.
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