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Nigerian Style Fish Pie Recipe

Fish pie is one of Nigeria’s staple pastry. It’s counterpart meat pie and chicken pie seems to making more waves than fish pie. I find Fish pie more simple to prepare and from my experience, mackerel fish is the best for this fish pie.


1 big size mackerel fish

1 medium size onion

2 Scotch bonnet pepper

1tsp salt

1 seasoning cube

1tbsp sweet & hot spice

3tbsp vegetable oil


8 cups flour

250g margarine

2tbsp sugar

2 eggs (1 for egg wash)

2tsp baking powder

1tsp salt

1tsp cinnamon

1 cup water


1) Rub the mackerel fish with salt, seasoning cube and sweet & hot spice. Leave for at least 2 hours to marinate. (The longer, the better)

2) Pour the oil in the pan and place the fish to fry till it’s done.

3) Take out the fish from the pan, debone, flake and add the pepper and onion and mix together. Set aside and prepare the dough.

4) In a clean bowl, pour in the dry ingredients; flour, salt, sugar, cinnamon powder and mix.

5) Add the margarine and rub it in followed with the egg.

6) Pour water bit by bit and mix the dough together. Leave and allow it to rest for 5minutes.

7) Go ahead now to preheat the oven to 180ยฐC

8) Bring out the dough and roll with a rolling pin on a flat surface for about 4mm thickness. Use a round cutter, I used a round plate, and cut out circles.

9) Scoop the filling on the center of the dough and rub round the edges with egg white, cover the dough with another round cut out dough. Press round the edges fork.

10) Place the pies on a prepared baking tray and glaze with egg wash.

11) Bake for 30minutes or until golden brown.

12) Enjoy and don’t forget to write your feedback.




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