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How To Prepare A Delicious Fish Jollof Rice

While growing up, I usually look towards to the Christmas period and one of my reasons is to get to eat my grandmother’s fish jollof rice. This is her favorite recipe for rice and the aroma of this food can settle quarrel among neighbours.

She don’t use tomato paste, either do she use seasoning but I can bet you that you can’t stop at one plate. She slices the fresh tomatoes and it gives the rice a special effect. To make everything easier, I used my mini processor to chop the tomatoes. I used my mixed seasoning (Gave spices) and it was so lovely.

This is your one to go recipes and it’s a must try, its straight forward and very simple.

I made a well detailed video for this, do well to watch it at the end of the recipe.

1 medium size fish (you can use any fish of your choice)
3 cups rice.
7 big size tomatoes
3 scotch bonnet pepper.
1 medium size onions.
1/2 cup groundnuts oil.
Bay leaf.
Seasoning cube.
Gav mixed spices.
Salt to taste

1) Parboil the rice and set aside.
2)Season the fish with salt and mixed spice.
3)In a pan, pour the groundnut oil,and the bay leaf and allow to heat.
4)Fry the seasoned fish in the hot oil till its nice and crispy.
5)Reduce the quantity of the oil and pour in the chopped tomato mixture with the mixed spices and seasoning cube for three minutes.
6)Pour in the rice and stir everything together.
7)Pour water to slightly cover the rice, add salt and the fish head.
8)Cover and allow the rice to dry up.
Once the rice is ready, remove the fish head and add the curry leaf and spring onions.
9)Stir together and turn off the heat serve and enjoy.

The aroma from this food is very inviting and note that if you don’t love fish, this recipe is not for you.
Don’t forget to send your feedback when you try it out.

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