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Upgrade Your Business To Make Sales

In as much as the world is evolving and things upgrading, you also need to upgrade your business to make sales. Have you watched the Airtel advert recently, it totally portrays the need for an upgrade.

The way business was done years back are not the same with what is obtainable now. It doesn’t matter the type of business that you do but just bear it in mind that there is an upgrade in every field. Even as a stay at home mom whose business is on the internet, if you don’t upgrade to what is obtainable now, you won’t be making sales.

In your given field or in any business you are doing, study closely to what your competitors are doing that are making them to sale out, apply it to your business in your own unique way.
You don’t have any need to complain about not making sales when you have refused to step up your game. During the Christmas period,  I went to do some shopping before the arrival of my baby. I saw one shop in the market that sells kiddies and mothers needs. I was initially drawn to the shop because of the wideness and the shop was fully stock, there was also light and an industrial fan blowing with a comfortable chair to sit on while they sort out your orders. The prices of things were not in line with what I had in mind and there was need to use my ATM card but to my utmost  surprise the owner of the shop had no P.O.S making reference to where she buy her goods in Lagos that they don’t use it. Dear, your level of education is not the reason why you should refuse to upgrade yourself to what is harmless. I ended up buying the stuffs in her neighbours shop that was way smaller than hers but had P.O.S . That was how she lost making a sale of sixty five thousand naira from me.

Dear mumpreneur, look inwardly in your business and see the upgrade going on and apply same even if it requires you to under go some trainings, please do if that will help your business. I have lost my old hairdresser because she refused to upgrade to what is invoke now, a lot of people no longer sit for hours to make a beautiful hair like before,everyone desires an easy life(wigs)and she still expect  to make sales when she has refused to learn how to  make wigs (beautiful ones).

The time for you to upgrade is now, if you can’t find where needs to be upgraded in your business,I am here to help.
Hope to hear from you

Grace Value.

4 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Business To Make Sales”

  1. Thanks. This piece is really good. I really need help in my business. I have customers owing me n they keep promising to pay and this have caused a set back to my business. Since this year I’ve been to the market once just because of finance (I sell female wears). What do I do about those customers?

    1. You need to let them know how important the money is to your business but if it’s not working, there are authorities that handle such issue. Don’t be scared of losing this type of customer because they don’t mean well for your business. Selling on credit doesn’t mean you are selling out rather it brings setbacks.

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